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Top Mobile Marketing CRM Solutions

Flurry helps answer the first question that organizations have: “Who are my mobile app users and how are they using my app?” Though an ad network by business model, Flurry is used by mobile apps to provide CRM metrics, such as number of active users, user retention rates, and more. Flurry helps segment users into categories and measures ROI on user-acquisition spend compared with user-retention and engagement rates.Urban Airship provides a simple way for apps to communicate with their audience via push notifications and supports context-aware notifications. It’s among the most popular third-party notification platforms used by mobile apps today.Crittercism initially focused on providing mobile developers with a platform to identify and analyze crashes and bugs in their mobile apps similar to Crashlytics (acquired by Twitter) and BugSense. More New Relic than Salesforce, Crittercism now also offers broader applicatio…

Ad Networks With Targeting Capabilities

1. Airpush: Increase the relevancy of mobile ads.
Airpush is a mobile ad network for Android. Marketers can use Airpush to launch campaigns in multiple formats, using “HyperTarget technology” to reach consumers based on audience profiles, purchase histories, location, carrier, device, operating system, and time of day. 2. Millennial Media: Push ads to your target audience.
Millennial Media has developed a proprietary technology that separates audiences into seven unique segments. Advertisers can target consumers based on demographic characteristics (like education or age), behavior (based on actions related to interest, purchase intent, and life stage), location, mobile device, and context (what is going on around the consumer at the moment when the ad is being served). Ads can also be served based on the types of content being consumed, and they can be retargeted to reach consumers who’ve already expressed interest in a brand. 3. Jumptap: Get intelligent targeting at scale.
By relying …

Location based Mobile Adv. Solutions

üGeo-aware Geo-aware campaigns use real-time location data to deliver specific, often dynamic, messages to the user based on their distance from the nearest retail location or proximity to a particular location. üGeo-fencing Advertisers targeting users based on a set distance (often miles) from a location of interest such as a store, or physical site where known audiences frequently visit. Consumers outside of the geo-fence would not be served the ad because they fall outside of the location parameters. This technique is particularly useful for advertisers looking to drive foot traffic to physical store locations. üLocation-based Audience Data Targeting Advertisers targeting mobile users by leveraging anonymous third party offline data such as demographic types, transactional or psychographic attributes which are then coupled with high quality location data to determine audience “clusters” by geographic area. üPlace-based Targeting Advertisers targeting users based on audience …

Ayakkabıda yüksek katma değerle yüksek kazanç

Jag Club markasının yaratıcısı Ahmet Polat, haftalık 500 çift el yapımı ayakkabıyla 40 ülkeye ihracat yapıyor. 2013’te 6 milyon dolar ihracat hedefliyor.

Türkiye’nin ayakkabıda ortalama ihracat fiyatı 22 dolar. Jag Clup markasının yaratıcı Ahmet Polat ise en az 100 dolara 40 farklı ülkeye yüzde 100 el yapımı ayakkabı satıyor. 2012’de 35 bin çift ayakkabı ihracatı yaptı. 2013 hedefi 40 bin çift ayakkabıyla 6 milyon dolar ihracat gerçekleştirmek. Haftalık 500 çiftlik üretim, en genci 50 yaşında olan eski ustalar tarafından gerçekleştiriliyor. Polat, rakamsal hedeflerden çok katmadeğer ihracatına önem verdiğini ifade ediyor. El yapımı ayakkabıclık mesleğinin kaybolmasını da engellemeye çalıştıklarını ifade eden Polat, “Üretim maliyetlerimizin içinde malzeme maliyetimiz yüzde 30, kalanı işçiliktir. El işçiliğinin ihracatını yapıyoruz. El yapımı en ucuz Türkiye’de satılıyor. Türkiye’nin ortalama ayakkabı ihracat fiyatı 22 dolar. Bizim bir altımız 35 dolara ihracat yapıyor. Biz neredeyse 5…

Hangi Yıl Hangi Kamu Özelleştirildi?

Türkiye­’nin 10 yıl ön­ce IM­F’­ye 23.5 mil­yar do­lar bor­cu var­dı. Tür­ki­ye­’nin özel sek­tör da­hil o yıl­ki top­lam dış bor­cu da 130 mil­yar do­lar­dı.Cum­hu­ri­yet dö­ne­mi bo­yun­ca ya­pı­lan ka­mu­ya ait baş­ta sa­na­yi ol­mak üze­re tüm te­sis­le­ri ar­ka ar­ka­ya sa­tı­şa çı­kar­dı. Bun­la­rın ço­ğu, ik­ti­da­ra ya­kın yer­li ve ya­ban­cı ser­ma­ye ta­ra­fın­dan yok pa­ha­sı­na ka­pı­şıl­dı. AKP ik­ti­da­rı­nın 10 yıl­lık dö­ne­min­de Tür­ki­ye­’nin dış bor­cu, 2012 so­nu iti­ba­riy­le 336 mil­yar do­la­ra yük­sel­di.
Bu bor­cun 101 mil­yar do­lar­lık kıs­mı­nın ka­mu­ya, 7 mil­yar do­la­rı­nın Mer­kez Ban­ka­sı­’na, 217 mil­yar do­la­rı­nın da özel sek­tö­re ait ol­du­ğu açık­lan­dı. Özel­leş­tir­me İda­re­si Baş­kan­lı­ğı­’nın ka­yıt­la­rı­na gö­re, bu dö­nem­de ara­la­rın­da Türk Te­le­kom, TE­KEL, SE­KA, PET­KİM, TÜP­RAŞ ve Er­de­mir gi­bi sa­na­yi te­sis­le­ri, li­man­la­rın ta­ma­mı, 195 ka­mu te­si­siy­le 2 bin 629 adet ar­sa, bi­na ve loj­man el­den çı­ka­rıl­dı. …

Geolocal social media search & monitoring tools

Local or specified geofence social media search & monitoring tool

http://www.sysomos.com/ Location-based monitoring tools, allowing companies to drill down into the conversations people in specific cities are having on blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Conversations can also be filtered by age, gender or profession.
http://www.ubervu.com/ The platform automatically analyzes all of a brand's social media data, filtered by geolocation down to the city level.

News in IT

SIM card offers cheap international data for frequent fliers

DOODAD is an international SIM card that enables travelers to take advantage of an inexpensive GSM connection regardless of the contract they’re on.

App offers instant and easy small payment gift requests
Ok’d enables anyone to take a photograph of a product and instantly receive money from a friend or relative to pay for it. (https://www.getokd.com/info/?msgid=6)

Through app, consumers connect with local fashion boutiques based on social interests
The walkby app enables users to ‘follow’ new trends or products in order to receive notifications when local boutique stores have stock that matches their interests. (http://www.walk.by/) http://vimeo.com/walkbyapp/launch

Augmented reality platform enables consumers to virtually try before they buy France-based Augment is hoping to make AR a useful sales tool by allowing consumers to see how products will look before they commit to buying.

Miracle-Gro partners with tech entrepreneurs t…

The new internet generation

The gen C who thrive on creation, curation, connection and community.  By understanding what’s at the root of our obsession with the visual web, brands can create the kind of content that resonates in today’s culture. (antropology, sociology …) Marcel Proust knew. The great French novelist once wrote that the “voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” In other words, humans aren’t necessarily attracted to the allure of the new, as much as we like to see things we’re already familiar with in a new way.
we strive to elevate the everyday by feeding our appetite for imagination and discovery.Neuroscientists explain that synapses occur inside the brain when we’ve made a connection among various different things. The more random the components connected, the more synapses occur. Synapses are the basis of creativity. In other words, synapses firing = creative joy.Uninhibited by linearity and stimulated by all the access to ima…

E-mail marketing program benefits


CEO's 360 Degree Perspective - Frost & Sullivan


Some pinpoints about inbound marketing

·Inbound marketing produces more, better quality, cheaper leads ·For those tactics marketers effectively track, inbound delivers on its ROI promise ·Inbound outpaces traditional lead generation in the midst of a growth spurt. ·Lead production and spending ·Social media, SEO, and blogs rank as the top channels to watch in the coming years ·For inbound to work, it requires commitment and strategic vision ·Analytics remain confusing

5 Reasons to Add Gift Cards to a Digital Loyalty Program

Promoting customer loyalty is a broad goal that local merchants are tackling in many different ways. While plenty of platforms utilize mobile redemptions and out-of-the-box rewards or coupons to curry favor with consumers, an increasing number of loyalty providers aretaking a more seasoned approach. These vendors are moving outside the virtual environment with pre-loaded physical gift cards that consumers can redeem for full-priced goods and services.

The way that a vendor integrates gift card products into its platform depends on a number of factors, including program goals and intended customer base. However, the overarching benefits to rewarding customer loyalty with physical gift cards remain the same regardless of the specific platform being used. Here are five reasons vendors should consider adding gift card rewards to their hyperlocal programs.

1. Gift cards drive superior consumer behavior.Research shows that consumers behave differently when spending with gift cards, leveraging…

7 Social Media Tips for CEOs

As part of the study, researchers developed a profile of the most highly social CEOs, which includes these elements:
Use an expansive set of social tools: Hyper-social CEOs realizesociability goes beyond dropping messages into a Twitter or other microblog feed. World-class sociability requires a strategically crafted plan for driving the company's content across several channels.

Keep a blog: Highly social CEOs see the value in long-form content creation as a way of giving their perspectives context, meaning and depth.

Leverage the website: These leaders realize that the website remains "digital ground zero" for company information-seekers and offers a platform for content to be delivered in multiple formats.

Self-author: By taking a DIY approach. Their frequent postings influence their determination to author everything themselves, although they probably take input from their marketing and communications executives.

Be forward-looking: These CEOs intuitively understand that …

Çalışan markası olmak

-Şirketin “varoluşu”, “dünya görüşü”, “felsefesi” ve “rakiplerinden farkını” öncelikle çalışanlarına aktarmalıdır. Çalışanlar şirketin yatırım yaptığı marka değerlerini içselleştirememişlerse, o markayı müşterilerin sahiplenmesi mümkün olmaz. -Kendilerine mesaileri karşılığı maaş ödeyen ama onlarla içten bir ilgi göstermeyen, onların gelişmelerine imkan sağlamayan, başka bir değişle onlar için de anlamlı bir deneyim yaratmayan bir iş yerinde hiçbir çalışan, tam anlamıyla katkı yapamaz. -Şirketler çalışanlarına görev, sorumluluk ve maaş vermek haricinde onların dünyasında bir parça olabilmeyi de müşterilerine özel deneyimler yaşatma istekliliği kadar önemsemelidir -Çalışanla empati kurmak ve “kendilerini insan yerine koyması”, “çalışanlarına değer vermesidir.” -Bir şirketin marka imajı, itibarı: dolayısıyla dışarıya verdiği mesaj, içeriden desteklenmedikçe, o mesaj dış dünyaya ulaşmaz. -David zinger: oRütbe, kıdem ve pozisyonu ne olursa olsun herkesin marka yönetimine katkı yapmasının yolu a…