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  • SIM card offers cheap international data for frequent fliers

DOODAD is an international SIM card that enables travelers to take advantage of an inexpensive GSM connection regardless of the contract they’re on.


  • App offers instant and easy small payment gift requests

Ok’d enables anyone to take a photograph of a product and instantly receive money from a friend or relative to pay for it. (


  • Through app, consumers connect with local fashion boutiques based on social interests

The walkby app enables users to ‘follow’ new trends or products in order to receive notifications when local boutique stores have stock that matches their interests. (


  • Augmented reality platform enables consumers to virtually try before they buy
France-based Augment is hoping to make AR a useful sales tool by allowing consumers to see how products will look before they commit to buying.

  • Miracle-Gro partners with tech entrepreneurs to create location-based gardening advice app

Sprout It is an app that not only provides location-specific advice to green-fingered consumers, but also aims to raise awareness about a brand pivot for its sponsor. (


  • In Latvia, app rewards frequent fliers for burned calories

The Burn The Miles app offers rewards to frequent fliers who jog enough to burn off the same number of calories as miles they’ve flown.


  •   Watch-sized communicator helps parents and kids stay connected

VIVOplay is a wearable mobile communications and location device designed to help families stay connected. (


  • From Australia, QR code app helps event attendees to skip the queues

ExpressQ enables event attendees to pre-order and pre-pay for food, drinks or merchandise for easy collection on the day. (



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