Ad Networks With Targeting Capabilities

1. Airpush: Increase the relevancy of mobile ads.
Airpush is a mobile ad network for Android. Marketers can use Airpush to launch campaigns in multiple formats, using “HyperTarget technology” to reach consumers based on audience profiles, purchase histories, location, carrier, device, operating system, and time of day.
2. Millennial Media: Push ads to your target audience.
Millennial Media has developed a proprietary technology that separates audiences into seven unique segments. Advertisers can target consumers based on demographic characteristics (like education or age), behavior (based on actions related to interest, purchase intent, and life stage), location, mobile device, and context (what is going on around the consumer at the moment when the ad is being served). Ads can also be served based on the types of content being consumed, and they can be retargeted to reach consumers who’ve already expressed interest in a brand.
3. Jumptap: Get intelligent targeting at scale.
By relying on partnerships with more than 20 third-party data providers, Jumptap has been able to build detailed audience profiles that advertisers can use to target virtually any demographic. Audiences are categorized into “hundreds of discrete segments,” based on factors like purchase intent, purchase history, geography, interests, and lifestyle. 
4. InMobi: Reach audiences in any location.
InMobi is a mobile ad network that advertisers and agencies can use to reach audiences anywhere in the world. The company’s in-house research team helps clients pinpoint the consumers they’re hoping to target, based on location, lifestyle, and demographics (like gender and age), as well as carrier and device. Using InMobi’s geolocation API, publishers can geo-target their advertisers’ ads on any mobile platform. Ad scheduling allows advertisers to deliver their ads on specific days, at specific times.
5. Affinity: Use device targeting to boost campaign ROI.
The network’s enhanced targeting features allow advertisers to streamline their campaigns by selecting the devices (iPad, iPhone, Android), operating systems, and browsers where their ads should appear. Advertisers can also target their messages based on business category, geography (down to the country/state/city level), and keywords. Advertisers can set up campaigns to run only in selected business categories (like restaurants), in selected locations (like Seattle or New York), and on selected devices (like Android phones).


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