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5 Self-Serve Deals Platforms for SMBs

1.Google Offers http://www.google.com/intl/en-US/offers/business/start/ Customers around the corner can now discover your offer on Google+, the Google Offers website, and mobile apps for Offers and Wallet.
2.PromoJam http://www.promojam.com/ Generate Leads, Collect User Data & Grow your audience on Social. Increase Engagement with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram Social Promotions.
3.Facebook Offers https://www.facebook.com/business/offers Bring people to your business by creating an offer they can claim and share with their friends. 4.Qwikon http://qwikon.com/ Ever wish you had more customers? Prompt your customers to come visit you with instant limited offers delivered on their phone. It’s that EASY!

Cool Benefits:
Integrated with Facebook Your OWN number - No sharing! Use from any web connected device Easy Scheduler & Calendar Quick & Simple Interface Built-in Offer Controls Unlimited Customers Unlimited Lists 5.Groupon Works https://www.grouponworks.com/ Grow and Ma…

5 Tools Merchants Can Use to Serve Targeted Promotional Offers on Twitter

In a 2013 surve by market probe international, 72% of consumers said they were more likely to make a purchase from an SMB after following the company on Twitter, and 32% said they were more likely to visit an SMB if they saw a promoted tweet related to their interests.
5 Tools Merchants Can Use to Serve Targeted Promotional Offers on Twitter -http://www.hiplogiq.com/ ohttp://www.socialcentiv.com/ ohttp://www.socialcompass.net/ Businesses can tap into the Twitter conversations happening between potential customers in the nearby vicinity. oBusinesses select keywords and geographic location and SocialCentiv goes in search of relevant Twitter conversations. For example, a hairstylist in Austin may see a local tweet that says, “I’m having such a bad hair day.” They stylist can reply to the consumer on Twitter with an offer to help, and send a promotional offer for 20%-Off to encourage the user to visit her salon. -http://www.mainstreethub.com/ Main Street Hub helps businesses find and connect …

4 Benefits Restaurants Accrue from Accepting Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are revolutionizing the way customers pay for their food or merchandise at restaurants. More and more food establishments now accept a mobile payment that does not involve cash or a credit or debit card. Why? Convenience for both the customer and the proprietor. As these payment programs are fairly inexpensive and do not require much technical knowledge, many businesses, both large and small, have adapted to this relatively new technology. In the restaurant industry, accepting mobile payments has been a boon to small establishments in terms of cost-savings, record-keeping, and ease of use. Consider the following 4 benefits that come with accepting mobile payments at restaurants.
1. Integrate and Increase Incentive Programs.
One of the biggest benefits of using mobile payments is the ability to integrate customer incentive and loyalty programs into the application. Traditional programs require customers to present key ring tags or punch cards or to supply information, s…