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Users have purchased via mobile devices, 2012


Why people "Like/Follow" Brands on Social Networks


Case study for social media adv

Ultimat Vodka Balances Facebook and Viral Video to Drive Brand Awareness
In targeting white collar professionals with a new campaign for Ultimat Vodka, alcoholic beverage manufacturer Patrón Spirits knew it had to create a program that would catch the group’s attention. The brand, which acquired Ultimat Vodka in 2007, decided on a social media– and video-heavy campaign that encouraged consumers to evaluate their work/life balance. Objective: Patrón Spirits, which has recently pumped up its brand portfolio to include brands besides tequila, wanted to drive awareness of its lesser known Polish vodka brand. Because the balance of ingredients—wheat, rye, potato—is what make vodka taste the way it does, the brand wanted to play upon that theme of “balance” and make it relevant for a 9-to-5 working audience. It also wanted to infuse social elements into the campaign, so that consumers would be apt to share it with their friends. Strategy: Ultimat’s first step was to create an online…

Interpretation of Apple's iPhone5 announcement: The billion dollar vision of Local advertising

According to BIA/ Kelsey, retail spending on local advertising is expected to pass $26,8 billion in 2013. Recently, the Apple's  announcements of iPhone5 proved that, the mobile industry is thinking to merge the mobile technology with local advertising. Previous day, Apple announce that, instead of using google maps, they are going to use their own local maps service with Siri enhancement.
-Siri: it can understand the meanings of your voice message, thus it provides/ finds the service which you need-. Moreover, the passbook feature provides protection of all loyalty, credit cards identity &  the ability to do NFC (Near Field Communication) payments. Plus, if we look at the other perspective of mobile business: the socialization, facebook also going to reshape its business accordingly.. (more affluent, specific adv), so every "like" on facebook and check-ins on 4square will contribute the more local & relevant advertisements for both local & customized deals.…

Marketers Still Can't Tie Social to Bottom Line

Soft metrics still the most popular
Nearly nine in 10 companies in the US will market on social media this year, according to eMarketer, indicating that the channel has become almost a requirement for most brands. But measuring success beyond soft metrics like “engagement” is still far away for many, according to research. Econsultancy and Adobe found in August that 57% of companies around the world said the deepest level at which they could track the effectiveness of social media marketing was in terms of engagement, such as the number of followers, comments and time spent on social pages. Even more agencies said this was the deepest metric their clients could track. By comparison, few were able to track bottom-line effects on revenues (12% of companies and 16% of agencies), or even the influence social media had on other marketing channels like search. And one in five companies said they were still stuck on the most basic of metrics only. Respondents were most likely to tell Econsulta…

BRIC ülkelerinin orta kesimi şirketlerin yeni hedefleri haline geldi

2025 yılına gelindiğinde 520 milyon Çinli'nin artık orta sınıf konumuna ulaşacağı tahmin ediliyor. Çin orta kesimin toplam harcanabilir geliri 1,6 trilyon dolar olacağından, her şirketin bu piyasaya bakınca dili dışarı fırlıyor.
2020 yılı için diğer BRIC ülkeleride orta kesime ait beklenen tahminler;

Hindistan 864 milyon
Brezilya 140 milyon
Rusya 55 milyon

**Ernst & Young'un 2 Şubat 2012'de dağıttığı bültenin başlığı:

"2030'a Kadar Orta Sınıfın Satın Alma Gücü 3'e Katlanacak"

Yorumlamaya gerek yok herşey açık ve net.  kn: dünya gazetesi

7 Strategies for Dealing With Online Reviews

7 Strategies for Dealing With Online Reviews

bu tarz şeyleri arşiv yapmakta fayda var. Yaşamlarımızın mobilliği ve web'e olan bağlılığı giderek artıyor..

Online PR evolves from Traditional PR


Top 10 Social Media Brands

Category July 2012      IMPs (000) 1 Coke Beverages 1,479,716 2 Apple Consumer Tech 761,162 3 Google Consumer Tech 606,805 4 Amazon Retail 555,513 5 Samsung Consumer Tech 469,327 6 Starbucks Restaurants 382,215 7 Burger King Restaurants 316,636 8 Sprite Beverages 302,821 9 Microsoft Consumer Tech 284,681 10 McDonald’s Restaurants 271,572
Note: Data based on full month period

Bu şirketler,  konuya fazlasıyla kafa patlatıyorlar. Dolayısıyla, kampanya ve sosyal medya kurgularını araştırmak gerek... 


Twitter Beats Facebook in US Mobile Ad Revenues This Year

By next year, Facebook will be ahead
Twitter will take home more US mobile advertising revenues this year than its larger cousin, Facebook, according to a new forecast by eMarketer. Twitter will earn $129.7 million in mobile advertising revenues this year in the US, eMarketer projects. Facebook, which rolled out mobile ads for the first time this year, will come in at just over half that amount, at $72.7 million in the US. Both companies earn far less mobile revenue than companies with more established mobile ad platforms like Google and Pandora, though growth in mobile revenues at both social networks is expected to remain high throughout the forecast period. The increasing focus on mobile by both Twitter and Facebook, as well as other major digital advertising publishers, will contribute to growth in the overall US mobile advertising market, which eMarketer estimates will reach $2.61 billion this year. By 2016, the US mobile advertising market is expected to near $12 billion, accordin…

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