The new internet generation

The gen C who thrive on creation, curation, connection and community.
 By understanding what’s at the root of our obsession with the visual web, brands can create the kind of content that resonates in today’s culture. (antropology, sociology …)
Marcel Proust knew. The great French novelist once wrote that the “voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” In other words, humans aren’t necessarily attracted to the allure of the new, as much as we like to see things we’re already familiar with in a new way.

  • we strive to elevate the everyday by feeding our appetite for imagination and discovery.
  • Neuroscientists explain that synapses occur inside the brain when we’ve made a connection among various different things. The more random the components connected, the more synapses occur. Synapses are the basis of creativity. In other words, synapses firing = creative joy.
  • Uninhibited by linearity and stimulated by all the access to imagery, synaptic play takes hold and we’re free to indulge in a purer kind of creativity.
  •  we are still celebrating and appreciating all this synaptic play, and it inspires us.
  • In the language of the visual web, when we share a video or an image, we’re not just sharing the object, but we’re sharing in the emotional response it creates.
  • There are billions of these energy exchanges happening every day. Whether we’re posting, commenting, liking, repinning or +1ing, our new visual culture is one in which we’re constantly offering each other little gifts, little moments of pleasure that remind us we’re truly and deeply bonded to one another.
  • start thinking like a creator, less like an advertiser
  • Think content, not commercials
In order to do this, you should,

Help us rediscover the beauty of a forgotten familiar.
Find something familiar – in your product, brand or from people’s lives – and help us see it in a fascinating new light. It could be as simple as taking a kitchen appliance and turning it into a science experiment or reminding people to capture just one second of their daily lives and compile a beautiful montage.

Find ways to spark synaptic play and participation.
Search for your brand online. Chances are your fans are already mixing and mashing your brand with something seemingly unrelated. Build on it, fuel it, steer it and help us make more with it.

Gift happiness we can share in.
Ditch the pitch. Instead, start an energy exchange. Create content that reminds us of our own capacity for excitement, happiness and vivacity so we want to share in it with others.

Engage with us
What do you think? Does this ring true to you? Where have we missed the boat?In the coming weeks we will continue with detailed looks into things like the creative process, new thoughts on measurement, and media planning. If there’s something specific you’d like to see, give us a shout. We’ve also worked to gather lots of examples from across industries of this thinking, but we’re always keen to find more. If you have an example to share, please get in touch.


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