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5 Strategies for SMBs Using Social Gifting Apps

1. Encourage users to share "free" gifts
2. Make customers aware of the program
3. Bring online conversations into the real world
4. Give experienced-based gifts
5. Think beyond the holiday season

Turning Failure into stepping stones: 5 ways

Failure can be extremely painful. Indeed, the "normal" psychological reaction to failure is to distract yourself and do something completely different right away. But extremely-successful entrepreneurs typically defy this "normal" reaction. They go back and try again at things they fail at. That's because they often believe in something I call the "failure faith," a powerful conviction that every setback offers vital lessons that could not be learned any other way. Survey research for my book Business Brilliant shows that these highly-accomplished entrepreneurs rely on failure to tell them what they're good at.  So if failure is so important, how can you best embrace it? When you fail at something (a new product, a negotiation, or a recent hire), what's the best way to welcome it, and hear it out? Here are five ways to cope with failure and turn it into one step along your journey to sizeable success: 1. Forgive yourself. It may sound sappy, b…

How Great Leaders Cultivate Great Teams

First: Set the Tone People really can do amazing things when they’re inspired. When you find ways to pull that inspiration out of them and really determine what they want, you’ll see some truly incredible work.
From my experience, people tend to fail when they aren’t inspired. Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, said, “No company, large or small, can succeed over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.”
Next: Nurture Greatness The best leaders understand that they need to inspire their workers but they also recognize that everyone wants something in their career, and it’s up to the leader to deliver that to them. When employees recognize their leader is working hard to push them towards their personal career goals, they’re even more likely to harness the passion and dedication needed to do amazing work.

source: inc.com

Location based services in detail

Location-based services (LBS) are services contingent upon the location of a user or a user’s device and the location of others with whom the user may wish to interact. These services can include self-explanatory location-tracking services and position-aware services, which are customized based on the device’s location. Location-based services differ from presence services, which make use of the ability of the network to determine information about a user’s status, for example, whether the user is online or talking on the cell phone. Both presence and location-based mobility services offer a great deal of promise, especially to mobile service providers looking for new market growth opportunities. LBS enable a new class of instant messaging services, tagging messages with geographical location. Thus LBS capabilities allow for new pet- and courier-tracking services, remote monitoring and security services, and new possibilities for mobile commerce. KEY POINTS • Few location-based services ar…

News prospects from HyperLocal Marketing

I.Real-Time Location Data Gets a Bigger Slice of Mobile Targeting According to a February report from Econsultancy, 27% of companies worldwide planned to implement location-based marketing in 2013, and 34% intended to invest in mobile advertising.
Verve Mobile, a location-based mobile ad platform, studied over 2,500 US mobile ad campaigns served across its platform and found that the percentage of campaigns using geofencing or geoaware targeting had more than doubled, from 17% in 2011 to 36% in 2012.

Location based services of Verve Mobile: 1.) Designated market area (DMA) and audience data were still the most popular mobile location-based targeting types, presumably in part because they are easier to use, incorporating less sophisticated, more static information on who consumers are and where they are typically located.
2.) Geoaware campaigns use real-time location data to deliver specific, often dynamic, messages to the user based on their distance from the nearest retail location o…

Coupon Platform Summary

Geosocial Universe -infographics


How the discount economy evolve?

Fırsat sitesi mantığının gelişen tüketici trendlerine ayak uydurması hakkında bir yazı... 
Amerika'da akıllı telefon penetrasyonuyla da birlikte bu geçiş yaşanıyor; yaşanması için uygun atmosfer sağlandı.. Türkiye'de de 2013 yılı içinde benzer değişimler görebiliriz. " The discount industry experienced 2012 as a major turning point. Over the past 12 months, the deal provider landscape shook out even more, with the consolidation of many deals sites and the decline of some industry giants. But one of the most interesting events of last year was the emergence of a new business model for offers, involving syndication and deal sharing.
This network approach has proved, even in its infancy, to be more valuable for media companies than a standalone daily deal platform, and there’s plenty of opportunity for companies to capitalize on this more efficient revenue model.
Given the changed landscape, here are a few predictions for where the local offer and voucher space is headed:
1. …

Twitter takipçileriyle klip oluşturdular..

Twitter takipçilerine sorduğu "what does 'the woman i love' mean to you?" cevaplarıyla klip çekimini oluşturmuş.. Son saniyelerde de hangi akışın hangi takipçinin fikri olduğunu paylaşmış.. Yaratıcı ve keyifli bir çalışma çıkarmışlar..

Post-endüstriyel çağın sosyo-ekonomik durumu.. Toplumlar tüketimleriyle nerelere doğru şekilleniyor.. -conversation writing-

*A Mongolian Gold Rush Has Pitted 'Ninja' Miners Against Some Of The Biggest Companies In The World, http://www.businessinsider.com/mongolia-ninja-miners-2013-1

Hala bunun gibi bir sürü örnek var. Ekonomik tetikçinin itirafları serisini hatırlattı. Gelişmiş ülkeler deneyim kazanma temelli bir felsefeyle insanların güdüldüğü gereksiz harcama ve bireysel sosyal toplum biçimi insanların kendi sınırları dışında olup bitenin farkına varmadıkları ve bazı şeyleri sorgulamadıkları sürece böyle kalacaktır. Aktivist olma girişimi gönüllülük ile içten gelen toplumsal sorumluluk hissiyatını gerektirir. Bu tip insanların bireyselci yetişen toplumlar içinden çıkması oldukça zor.. Dünya üzerindeki tekil güç ve kültür üzerinden tüm aksiyonların aynı potada eritildiği ivmelenmenin yerini çoklu gücün ve farklı kültürlerin var olduğu salad bowl diye telaffuz edilen yapının dünya  ekonomik yapısında hissedilmesi global yapıdaki bir çok şeyi değiştirecektir düşüncesindeyim.. Dünyanın ihtiyacı asl…

Jim O'Neill recommeds these books...

Robert Solow's work on Growth Theory

Rudi DornBusch's theories on exchange rates

John Williamson's research on exchange rate equilibrium

Bela Balassa and Paul Samuelson's research on productivity and trade

Rudi Dornbusch and Stanley Fischer wrote the macroeconomics bible

David Miles, Andrew Scott and Francis Breedon's macro book

Angus Maddison's work on the history of growth

Marty Feldstein's work on monetary and cyclical research

Max Corden's research on oil prices

The real life stories like;
UK industrial Revolution
The Californian Gold Rush
China Road
Maximum city

‘one-size-fits-all’ rewards program: Segmenting Key To Rewards Impact

1. Degree of participation:
Not every customer will place the same importance on rewards - and some will not even participate in a rewards program even if it is offered.-

2. Impact on purchase decisions
Will the absence of a rewards program affect a customer’s purchase decision so, making a deal breaker if they are not offered a rewards program with purchase.

3. Relative Importance
Where do rewards rank in the customer’s priority list?
What ranks higher or below it?
Things like price, support levels, features, customer ratings and brand also play a big role and vary in their importance by customer segment.

4. What Are They Will To Trade For Rewards?
- Sharing personal information
- Promoting your company to their social media networks
These factors affect the ROI of rewards programs and vary from customer segment to customer segment.

5. Platform preferences
Companies have found that the rewards platform has a significant impact -- for example in coffee and sandwich shops, the switch to mo…

Managing employees: retention, commitment, long term relationships

Managers who don’t create the right opportunities for their employees, don’t communicate with them, and don’t appreciate them often find themselves dealing with a high turnover rate. Good managers are people you keep in touch with even after you leave a position. Bad managers are people you keep track of so you can avoid them in future.

Why does any of this matter?  Because long-term retention of committed, talented personnel means higher productivity - it's as simple as that.

Reasons People Leave. Although there are exceptions - the reasons that most employees leave can usually be attributed to one or more of the following responses:

"I'm not sure there's a future here for me."
"I just don't feel like this is the right place for me."
"I'm not sure I want to be doing this for the rest of my life."
"I think I can make more money elsewhere."

For purposes of this discussion, we will define the "4 Keys to Retention" as follow…