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Uzmanlara göre Startup neden basarısız olur?

Kendi projemden yola çıkarak sorunların cozumlerini aramaya, sorunlara kendimden yola cıkarak cevap verecegim,

* Starting your startup ideas for wrong reasons:
Kendi projemdeki fikrin ve vizyonun doğru oldugunu teyit ediyorum. Aynı domainde is yapan ve benzer calismaları yapan insanların proje hakkındaki yorumundan yola cıkarak...

* Your idea lacks in serving the market need:
Ortada projenin kullanılması için gerçek bir ihtiyaç var mı? sorusu hala kısmen soru işareti... Gerçek bir ihtiyaç olmadığını ama bir problem oldugunu ve ona çözüm sağladığını tespit etmiş durumdayım.

* People want complete products, not just ideas!
Bu suanki problemlerden birisi ozellikle yatırımcı ve collaboration yapma tarafında.. bu nedenle bu kısım için riske girip uygulamayı yaptıracağım.

* Unable to realize the competition:
Pazar ve alan suan uygun gorunuyor

* Failing to safeguard your intellectual property:
Bu alanda zayıfım

*Derivative idea:

* No business plan:
İş planım var. Cok fazla ihti…

Unbounce & less churn tactics

* Onboarding engagement:
fit chance to engage user & set then on path to becoming a paid customer. If they find your product too, difficult to achieve their goals. You can use metric tools to analyse signup workflows & engagement to identify painpoints and optimize your onboarding experience.
- you need to check:
Core tasks completation, first session length, returning sessions

* Trial to paid conversation:
What is the percentage?
You need to check;
- not bringing in the right customers to try your products
- misalignment of websites perceived value
- poor onboarding or user experience
- your prices are high

Upgrades (expansion mmr) :
Upsell & upgrade opportunities
- it is more likely to upgrade for advanced features ad functionality.
- support satisfaction rating (rate us)
- net promote score (feed-backs)
- check your performance in 3-6-9-12 month
- chargify, delighted tools for expansiton of mmr.

Growth hacking :
general mooning => utilizing analytical thinking, produ…

What's Churn ? How to deal it?

Churn rate ratio
- From which month?
- what is the revenue churn?
- what is the active user churn?

- if its an app, they stop using it, but if its paid subscription; when they realize that its hard to recover them.

in order to adressing activity churn:
- this is where auto mailing is getting wrong
- send personal well-timed emails can help to reengage them
- target right, be personal, be interesting, be visual, be thankful, honest, respectful
- Average churn rate in Saas companies are 8,5%

CLV have huge important to adress the variables here if,
- price is low and your business model have long term bep, you need to reshape it by increasing the price and lowering your terms.

"User Onboarding Tips"
increasing conversation rate,
* the longer they need to wait to see the value, the more frasturated they get.

Customer Success
* making sure that new signups successfully setup their accounts & see the value of your product.
* converting trial users into paying customers
* ensur…

How to organize webinars to increase visitor activation

These are the most crucial webinars and I suggest you start with them, if you have a decent flow of monthly signups or a not ideal onboarding. Here how you see: 1. Visitor signs up for a free trial or a free account 2. Visitor gets her welcome email in which it contains 2 dates and times to join you in your upcoming webinar, where you will show her how to get the most out of your software. 3. Visitor clicks the appropriate date and signs up for the webinar 4. The webinar gets added to her calendar and she attends it at her own convenience. If she misses it, a recording is sent to her automatically