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User Experience

Local Commerce and the ‘Experience’ Economy

With smartphone penetration reaching 133.7 million consumers, a full 52.5% of the U.S. population, mobile is taking over the shopping experience. Whereas desktop computing relegated the internet to access points in our homes and workplaces, mobile adoption, and the explosion of internet connected devices, has brought the web to every moment in our local shopping experience. It’s with us on the train when we remember our toaster shorted that morning; in the store as we compare products; and back home years later when it breaks again.
 Local search revenues, on the other hand, are skyrocketing, expected to increase annually 10% over the next five years. User-generated reviews and ratings have dramatically improved our ability to determine the quality of a businesses, altering, more than replicating, the consumer’s experience in the local marketplace. Companies like Yext help coordinate the flow of content and information coming from local businesses, then automating distribution across t…

7 Strategies for Maximizing the Success of SMB Social Media Campaigns

Taken as a whole, these statistics show that vendors aiming to support merchants in their social media activities still have plenty of room for growth. Here are seven strategies for maximizing the success of an existing social media campaign from a few of the experts who work in this field.
1. Complete your profiles. “SMBs need to prioritize and complete their social media profiles across various sites. The biggest mistake SMBs make is quickly establishing social media profiles without completing background information or properly completing their profile pages. While it is important to claim and protect your brand presence across social media sites, it is also critical to fill in product and service details in order to be found when consumers search for keywords related to your business. On profiles, use consistent descriptions, keywords, and geo-modifiers for the best results. Also, photos and videos can help increase a social profile’s visibility.” (Chris Marentis, Surefire Social) 2…

12 Disruptive technologies

McKinsey Global Institute, the business and economics research arm of McKinsey and Company, has highlighted 12 disruptive technologies as part of its ongoing remit to delve into the evolving global economy and promote understanding.

1. Mobile internet The technology: Increasingly inexpensive mobile computing devices and internet connectivity. The numbers:  $1.7 trillion: global GDP related to the internet,$5 million versus $400: price of fastest supercomputer in 1975 versus modern iPhone equal in performance, and4.3 billion: world population not yet connected to the internet.The opportunities: “The mobile Internet also has applications across businesses and the public sector, enabling more efficient delivery of many services and creating opportunities to increase workforce productivity. In developing economies, the mobile Internet could bring billions of people into the connected world.”
2. Automation of knowledge work The technology: Smart software capable of perform…

Card Connected Loyalty Programs

·http://www.cardlytics.com/ ·https://swipely.com/ ·https://cardspring.com/ ·http://www.cartera.com/ ·http://www.edointeractive.com/

6 reasons why loyalty providers should consider structuring their programs to connect with customer’s credit or debit cards
1.Increased POS compatibility –Card-linked programs do not require expensive upgrades, in-store training, & can achieve broad customer adoption. Expanded reach–With a traditional, non-card-linked loyalty program, the merchant is only targeting customers that are already coming in the door.With card-linked offers merchants can complement these programs to find new customers and convert them to loyal ones.Customers are targeted based on previous purchase history, merchants also know they are acquiring the right customers. As a result, we find that many merchants opt to run a crad-linked offers campaign in tandem with their existing loyalty programs. –To put dollars in marketing that isn’t about the «one and done» discount, but rather …

Networking secrets

The 5 Secrets of Networking from Angel Ramos

ðNetworking skill is not a natural ability that some people are “just born with” it takes time and practice.
1# PREPARATION Set a goal to identify who you need to know and who needs to know you ·Who are the decision makers and key influencers? ·Where can i meet them? ·How do i get into their circles? ·What is it you want from the event? Prepare questions ·Have a few targeted, engaging questions prepared. oFocused on their interests, career path, the things they like/dislike about their job, advice they may have for new professionals Stay informed with current events ·Know something before the event to have some “back pocket” conversation topics handy. Pick 3-5 items to use as emergency re-starters in case the conversation starts to drag. oLocal topics oNational news oCompany newsletters oWeather information oSports oBestselleers Become a social event crasher ·Find event’s calendar, listings for public forums and board meetings, chamber of commerce and…

Mobile data traffic will increase %300 by 2017 to peak 21 Exabytes

“According to Strategy Analytics’ Analysts believe that this movement, combined with the wider trend for increasing time spent online, is going to translate to a huge increase in wireless data traffic which is set tor ise by some 300% by 2017 to a peak of 21 Exabytes, from just 5 Exabytes in 2012…”