7 Social Media Tips for CEOs

As part of the study, researchers developed a profile of the most highly social CEOs, which includes these elements:

  • Use an expansive set of social tools: Hyper-social CEOs realizesociability goes beyond dropping messages into a Twitter or other microblog feed. World-class sociability requires a strategically crafted plan for driving the company's content across several channels.

  • Keep a blog: Highly social CEOs see the value in long-form content creation as a way of giving their perspectives context, meaning and depth.

  • Leverage the website: These leaders realize that the website remains "digital ground zero" for company information-seekers and offers a platform for content to be delivered in multiple formats.

  • Self-author: By taking a DIY approach. Their frequent postings influence their determination to author everything themselves, although they probably take input from their marketing and communications executives.

  • Be forward-looking: These CEOs intuitively understand that technology and social media are the future of content distribution and they want to be part of this communications revolution.

  • Be spontaneous yet not too informal: Socially adept CEOs maintain the formality of their office but let stakeholders know that they can react quickly and seize opportunity.

  • Engage stakeholders. These CEOs see the value in sociability and use it to reach out to a wide portfolio of stakeholders.

The study was based on surveys of 630 business professionals in 10 countries across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

source: mashable.com


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