What's Churn ? How to deal it?

Churn rate ratio
- From which month?
- what is the revenue churn?
- what is the active user churn?

- if its an app, they stop using it, but if its paid subscription; when they realize that its hard to recover them.

in order to adressing activity churn:
- this is where auto mailing is getting wrong
- send personal well-timed emails can help to reengage them
- target right, be personal, be interesting, be visual, be thankful, honest, respectful
- Average churn rate in Saas companies are 8,5%

CLV have huge important to adress the variables here if,
- price is low and your business model have long term bep, you need to reshape it by increasing the price and lowering your terms.

"User Onboarding Tips"
increasing conversation rate,
* the longer they need to wait to see the value, the more frasturated they get.

Customer Success
* making sure that new signups successfully setup their accounts & see the value of your product.
* converting trial users into paying customers
* ensuring paying customers are getting the most out of your product or service and retain happy, paying customers & brand advocates
* gaining real life feedback & use cases to guide your product roadmap
* identify and engage at risk accounts to prevent churn

on-boarding is the most important part,
greave tool find user prompts (notifications) within 24 hours period of signup is 80% more likely convert. Follow and define your customer journey.

1. Prospect
trial conversation
2. on-boarding
3. expansion
4. renewal
5. upsell
6. cross-sell
6. advocate


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