Unbounce & less churn tactics

* Onboarding engagement:
fit chance to engage user & set then on path to becoming a paid customer. If they find your product too, difficult to achieve their goals. You can use metric tools to analyse signup workflows & engagement to identify painpoints and optimize your onboarding experience.
- you need to check:
Core tasks completation, first session length, returning sessions

* Trial to paid conversation:
What is the percentage?
You need to check;
- not bringing in the right customers to try your products
- misalignment of websites perceived value
- poor onboarding or user experience
- your prices are high

Upgrades (expansion mmr) :
Upsell & upgrade opportunities
- it is more likely to upgrade for advanced features ad functionality.
- support satisfaction rating (rate us)
- net promote score (feed-backs)
- check your performance in 3-6-9-12 month
- chargify, delighted tools for expansiton of mmr.

Growth hacking :
general mooning => utilizing analytical thinking, product engineering & creativity to significantly increase their company's core metrics

- the shorter is the sales cycle, the more people were willing to buy
- we need to work a lot smarter, experiment, analyze, create simple and repeatable

* How much did we spend in sales + marketing this month?
* How may new customers did we gain in this month?
* What's ARPU across all our customers?
* What's our churn rate this month?
* What's our rough gross margin?


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