5 Tools Merchants Can Use to Serve Targeted Promotional Offers on Twitter

In a 2013 surve by market probe international, 72% of consumers said they were more likely to make a purchase from an SMB after following the company on Twitter, and 32% said they were more likely to visit an SMB if they saw a promoted tweet related to their interests.

5 Tools Merchants Can Use to Serve Targeted Promotional Offers on Twitter
-          http://www.hiplogiq.com/
Businesses can tap into the Twitter conversations happening between potential customers in the nearby vicinity.
o   Businesses select keywords and geographic location and SocialCentiv goes in search of relevant Twitter conversations.
For example, a hairstylist in Austin may see a local tweet that says, “I’m having such a bad hair day.” They stylist can reply to the consumer on Twitter with an offer to help, and send a promotional offer for 20%-Off to encourage the user to visit her salon.
-          http://www.mainstreethub.com/
Main Street Hub helps businesses find and connect with customers who are nearby and talking about relevant topics on Twitter. Main Street Hub’s Value plan starts at $299 per month for most businesses.  The combination of targeted search and @replies drive traffic to the business’ storefront in real-time.
-          http://www.offerpop.com/
Offerpop offers a way for businesses to boost their reach, sales, and engagement through social media. Marketers can launch campaigns on Twitter (along with many other channels) with a woven social layer that includes paid ads and email promotions. For example, a business running an “Exclusive” promotion may share a coupon with its Twitter followers.
Offerpop charges based on the number of followers a company has at the beginning of its campaign or subscription, with annual subscriptions that start at $16 per month.
-          http://www.chango.com/
Using behavioral, intent, and search data, Chango helps businesses target promoted tweets to tailored audiences. Chango charges a “minimal monthly fee,” in addition to the cost per engagement charged by Twitter.
-          http://www.spredfast.com/

Spredfast offers tools that businesses can use to build relationships and engage with fans on Twitter and other social channels. Organizations can pinpoint the specific users they’d like to target based on a number of factors, including gender, location, language, and age. Starting prices for brands that utilize Spredfast’s platform range from $30,000 to $50,000.


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