5 Self-Serve Deals Platforms for SMBs

1.       Google Offers
Customers around the corner can now discover your offer on Google+, the Google Offers website, and mobile apps for Offers and Wallet.

2.       PromoJam
Generate Leads, Collect User Data & Grow your audience on Social. Increase Engagement with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram Social Promotions.

3.       Facebook Offers
Bring people to your business by creating an offer they can claim and share with their friends.
4.       Qwikon
Ever wish you had more customers?
Prompt your customers to come visit you with instant limited offers delivered on their phone.
It’s that EASY!

Cool Benefits:
Integrated with Facebook
Your OWN number - No sharing!
Use from any web connected device
Easy Scheduler & Calendar
Quick & Simple Interface
Built-in Offer Controls
Unlimited Customers
Unlimited Lists

5.       Groupon Works

Grow and Manage Your Business with Groupon
Join more than 500,000 local businesses that have found effective marketing and measurable results with Groupon.


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