Networking secrets

The 5 Secrets of Networking from Angel Ramos


ð  Networking skill is not a natural ability that some people are “just born with” it takes time and practice.

Set a goal to identify who you need to know and who needs to know you
·         Who are the decision makers and key influencers?
·         Where can i meet them?
·         How do i get into their circles?
·         What is it you want from the event?
Prepare questions
·         Have a few targeted, engaging questions prepared.
o   Focused on their interests, career path, the things they like/dislike about their job, advice they may have for new professionals
Stay informed with current events
·         Know something before the event to have some “back pocket” conversation topics handy. Pick 3-5 items to use as emergency re-starters in case the conversation starts to drag.
o   Local topics
o   National news
o   Company newsletters
o   Weather information
o   Sports
o   Bestselleers
Become a social event crasher
·         Find event’s calendar, listings for public forums and board meetings, chamber of commerce and grand openings in your local paper.
·         Join civic clubs, projessional business groups, alumni network, serve on nonprofit boards, become an ambassador with the local chamber or volunteer with organizations of interest.
·         Become an event organizer yourself.
·         Ask to help with the check-in/registration table
·         Attend your kid’s events
·         Plan to attend at least two or three meet-ups a month.
·         Find out peoples prior of an event.

·         Prepare to give a clear, concise and compelling summation of
o   who you are?
o   what you do?
o   Why you are at the networking function?
o   How you bring value to others?
o   and so on

To have at least 2 good openers
·         Try to keep it simple
Meslek anlatımı:
“ Teknoloji ve bilimum yaşamları değiştiren fikir, vizyon, beşeri mühendislik,bireysel & toplumsal psikoloji tutkunu bir insan olarak kariyerimi de bu konuların iz düşümü içinde ilerletme çabasındayım. 3 operatörün lisansı ile mobil pazarlama- dijital pazarlama  çözümleri sunarak işletmeleri daha akıllı hale getirirken, müşterilere de farklı deneyimler sunuyorum. “

1.       Difficult to start a conversation
2.       Difficult to make small talk and continue conversations
3.       Difficult to end conversations

Develop a Networking Style
Ø  The Direct Networker
ü  Wants to get straight down to business
ü  Wants to know exactly what return you can give them
ü  A firm hand shaker and will offer a business card immediately
ü  When talked to, they want to get straight to the point and how you can help them.
ü  Punctual, especially with meetings.

Ø  The Promoter
ü  Informal
ü  Chatty
ü  Views networking events as a social occasions
ü  Seller
ü  Will greet, gauge interest, then move on to the next conversation
ü  All about quantity with them

Ø  The Expressive Networker
ü  Values making connections
ü  Lively and outgoing
ü  Ensure that everyone else attending the networking event is comfortable and isn’t left on their own.

Ø  The Supportive Networker
ü  Values sincerity and steadiness
ü  Giver and helper
ü  Values meaningful relationships

Ø  The Analytical Networker
ü  Task-oriented
ü  Through and focused on getting the job done
ü  Hates networking events

The Conversation Starter
·         What do exactly do you do at …
·         What got you involved in this organization/event?
·         I really like your …
·         How did you get involve with this line of work
·         What have you enjoyed most from your experience
·         What can you tell me about …. ?

Observe 5 minute rule
-          Limit your time with each interaction to 5 mins in order to have meaningful conversations with as many potential connections as possible.

Ask Powerful Networking Questions
·         What are the challenges you’ve been facing in your industry?
·         What do you do when you’re not working?
·         How did you get involved in ….
·         What made you decide to go into ....

·         Don’t create barriers between you and the other person
o   Avoid darting eyes
o   Fold your arms in front of your body
o   Make a good eye contact
o   Smile
o   Keep an open stance with all body parts aligned
Be a good listener 80% listen, 20% talk

Remember: dont dress fort he job you do have; dress fort he job you want.

Flattery will get you far in this World.
Lead with a compliment on his or her attire or a recent accomplishment.

Exit Gracefully
“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m very interested in you and your business.”
-          “How can I or those in my network help you with your biggest problem or challenge you’re facing today?”

-          Business card
-          Network info.
-          Keep track of following:
o   Name of the person
o   Where you met him/her
o   What you spoke about
o   Where he/she Works
o   What he/she is interested in
o   How you might be able to be of benefit to him/her in the future?
o   How he/she may be of help to you
o   Who he/she connected you with
o   When you follow up


·         You need to first understand that relationships take time to develop.

-          Bring in cookies or munchkins to work to create networking opportunities at work

What’s your story?
-          Everyone has a story. Try to find a connection between your story and someone else’s by engaging in meaningful dialogue.

·         There is no faster way to build rapport with a new connection than to ask great questions.

Always Focus on Building a Connection with People
·         Share stories
·         Connect with people on a personal level
·         Find out
o   Common interests
o   Common passions
o   Common circle of friends
·         And How you can help them?

There is an opportunity to learn something new from every person. If you genuinely show interest in people
they are likely willing tos hare advice and insight from their experiences

·         Care about the people

Share Your Expertise
-          Remember that you have something special to offer
-          Look for opportunities to speak at trade association meeting, workshops, industry conferences, conventions and webinars.
-          Share relevant articles, trainings, advice, services, job leads from other connections you’ve come across.
-          Bring people together

Build Credibility
-          You should always know what you are talking about
-          Work hard and stay focused
-          Be enthusiastic of what you do and how you do it
-          Focus on the needs of others
-          Use your power and influence to help others
-          You should always
o   keep appointments,
o   return phone calls in a timely manner
o   follow through on promises
o   do not disparage others for your own benefit

·         One of the best things you can do is share informations
o   Forward articles or services what will helpful

Networking is not about SELLING YOURSELF
-          Networking isn’t “Hi, what can you do for me?” but, rather: “Hi. Let’s get to know each other. What can I do for you?”
-          It’s about giving to get paying it forward, and building relationships
-          Go into the mindset of giving to others without an expection of payback
-          Remain authentic and hâce the other’s best interest at heart.

Don’t be selective in building your network
·         You never know who might turn into a valuable connection or who they know

Stay in Touch: without asking for favors
BE Likeable
HAVE a Positive Attitude
BE Engaged
Be passionate about something

THE Importance of Showing Up
Be there for your network. Attend invited events, Show support during tragedy, and be on time.

A Simple Thank you goes a long way:
Send handwritten thank you notes:
-          After a job interview
-          Received a gift
-          Stayed as a guest in someone’s home.
-          Benefited from a recommendation
Thank you notes are more personal and makes a bigger impact on the receiver.
It is worth the effort in letting people know that you appreciate value and acknowledge them.

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