Card Connected Loyalty Programs


6 reasons why loyalty providers should consider
structuring their programs
to connect with customer’s credit or debit cards

1.       Increased POS compatibility
      Card-linked programs do not require expensive upgrades, in-store training, & can achieve broad customer adoption.
  1. Expanded reach
      With a traditional, non-card-linked loyalty program, the merchant is only targeting customers that are already coming in the door. With card-linked offers merchants can complement these programs to find new customers and convert them to loyal ones.
      Customers are targeted based on previous purchase history, merchants also know they are acquiring the right customers. As a result, we find that many merchants opt to run a crad-linked offers campaign in tandem with their existing loyalty programs.
      To put dollars in marketing that isn’t about the «one and done» discount, but rather is about attaining new customers and turning them into loyal ones.
  1. Improved analytics
      Merchants can better understand customers through transaction histories.
      The data & trend analysis can be used to build smarter marketing programs designed to drive incremental sales.
  1. 360degree views of consumer behavior
      Across the entire wallet of spending. Consumers’ purchase behavior captures 360 degrees of activity, not just purchases in a single store or category, but all activity of the consumer.
      Understanding a customer’s loyalty demands knowing where they spend and when they’re not buying from you.
  1. Simplicity for consumers and merchants
      Consumers are using the very thing that is already in their wallet, so it’s fast, simple & easy for them
  1. Leveraged brand affinity
      Enable merchants to leverage the brand affinity of large, established loyalty programs.
      To attract new customers and boost card spend from existing customers. Card-linked loyalty programs help merchants tap into the marketing muscle of major loyalty programs, thus to cover customer databeses to promote shopping in many channels.


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