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I.                    Real-Time Location Data Gets a Bigger Slice of Mobile Targeting
According to a February report from Econsultancy, 27% of companies worldwide planned to implement location-based marketing in 2013, and 34% intended to invest in mobile advertising.

Verve Mobile, a location-based mobile ad platform, studied over 2,500 US mobile ad campaigns served across its platform and found that the percentage of campaigns using geofencing or geoaware targeting had more than doubled, from 17% in 2011 to 36% in 2012.

Location based services of Verve Mobile:
1.) Designated market area (DMA) and audience data were still the most popular mobile location-based targeting types, presumably in part because they are easier to use, incorporating less sophisticated, more static information on who consumers are and where they are typically located.

2.) Geoaware campaigns use real-time location data to deliver specific, often dynamic, messages to the user based on their distance from the nearest retail location or proximity to a particular location. Geofencing campaigns target users based on a set distance from a location of interest such as a store or physical site where the user is known to frequently visit.

II.                  TD Bank Breaks Social Marketing Mold and Invests in Google+ Local Conteent

Through its agency iCrossing, TD Bank has produced 96 unique videos to be published on new Google+ local pages for its locations in New York City, featuring on-location footage of the stores. TD Bank isn’t buying search ads to draw traffic to the Google+ pages, but the content will also be used in hyper-locally targeted display ads where New York City residents would see the video for their local bank after clicking on the ad.

"Our ultimate goal is for more consumers to walk into our stores by giving them content that makes the store much more accessible," TD bank CMO

III.                The Next Big Thing in Local: Kids

… Local is hot. But there is more to local than the food-reviewing, cab-hailing, home-cleaning, pet-sitting apps that 20-something hipsters living in SOMA care about. If you’re looking for the next billion dollar opportunity, help parents connect with kid-focused local services.

According to USDA,  Families spend a sizeable portion of this on local services, like pre-schools, day care, summer camps, after-school activities, pediatricians, birthday parties, tutors, counselors, therapists, driving schools, babysitters, nannies, events, and local attractions. (121 to 257 $ billion/year)

IV.                Hyperlocal Crowdfunding May Become a Reality – Here’s How to Prepare


Crowdfunding could be a $6.2 billion market in the U.S. within the next year, according to Sherwood Neiss, who promoted the crowdfunding provisions before Congress and serves as a principal with Crowdfund Capital Advisors.

2013 itibariyle crowdfunding regülasyonlarının tamamlanması bekleniyor… Bu konuda ilerlemeler bu yönde…
But there’s a hold-up. Congress delegated the responsibility to create regulations governing equity crowdfunding to the Securities and Exchange Commission. It also established a due date of December 31, 2012. The SEC’s deadline has come and gone, and recent turnovers at the SEC, including the resignation of Mary Schapiro as its chair, has frustrated the the timely launch of crowdfunding regulations. Several weeks ago, President Obama nominated former federal prosecutor Mary Jo White to serve as the SEC’s new chair, and crowdfunding backers are optimistic that the SEC will have regulations ready for public comment later this year.



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