Interpretation of Apple's iPhone5 announcement: The billion dollar vision of Local advertising

According to BIA/ Kelsey, retail spending on local advertising is expected to pass $26,8 billion in 2013. Recently, the Apple's  announcements of iPhone5 proved that, the mobile industry is thinking to merge the mobile technology with local advertising. Previous day, Apple announce that, instead of using google maps, they are going to use their own local maps service with Siri enhancement.
-Siri: it can understand the meanings of your voice message, thus it provides/ finds the service which you need-. Moreover, the passbook feature provides protection of all loyalty, credit cards identity &  the ability to do NFC (Near Field Communication) payments. Plus, if we look at the other perspective of mobile business: the socialization, facebook also going to reshape its business accordingly.. (more affluent, specific adv), so every "like" on facebook and check-ins on 4square will contribute the more local & relevant advertisements for both local & customized deals. Moreover, all of the companies from Fortune 500 to local retailers, want to reshape the marketing strategy with these kinds of local, easy, enjoyable, & more specific deals (think about the data .. Imagine the Minority Report: you're on a bus tweeting about Nike and you look up to see a Nike ad /deal etc..) That's Apple's billion dollar vision.



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