Understanding creating ad

  • Maintain consistency of your message in all media
Whatever your unique message turns out to be -whether it’s a headline, sentence, slogan, graphic or other creative hook- be sure to use that message consistently in all media. You need to apply the same message in all the forms of media you use in order to establish it as yours and yours alone, and in order to give the consumer a better chance of remembering it.
  • Keep your message simple
The real challenge of creating your advertising is to devise a hook that will cut through the clutter that consumers are exposed to each and every day. Today, more than ever before, consumers are deluged with information - and advertising is tossed into this cauldron of information, too. The key to igniting consumer memory is keeping it simple.

  • Use words that sell
Different words or phrases work for different types of businesses. Words and phrases that sell in the retail industry include; clearance, everything must go, and improved. If you offer a service, words and phrases like great service, family owned and operated, and dependable can appeal to all customer. Make your ads simple in their language but creative in their content and presentation.
  • Deliver your message with clarity
No matter what form of media you use for you message, be sure to explain your message in clear, easy-to-understand terms. You want consumers to see at a glance what you’re selling and then make snap decisions as to whether they want to read or listen further.


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