Main Strategies & Acquistion Plans for Marketing Mobile Apps Effectively

Marketing apps is all about presenting unique selling point for your app. So, it is basically, well-defined product have great potential to be discovered by customers. Your unique selling point may include several factors like original qualities, advantages, features, and even downsides. In many ways, you will have to prove competitive arguments to sell your app. On the other hand, having smart objective and scheduled communication plan is a must for achieving your marketing goals. 

Advantages of  apps
  • Function your app performs (count calories, add photos etc.)
  • Value for customer (save money, make smarter, stylish, inspire etc.)
  • Focus on characteristics of app
  • Differentiate in competition
  • Show your app’s achievements
  • Integrate trending word so people can easily find app store

Uniqueness of App
  • The function list of app and try to describe it 1-2 words.
  • Graphics, soundtracks and interface
  • Sickness of app (that users open your app again and again)

  • Look for the apps that others have to offer in your niche.
  • Look for apps that have failed
  • Create list of your competitors and employ data: competitor name, website, features, values, target audience, reviews, pros, cons and price
  • How they attract customers and do marketing

Other important points
  • Well define your target customers in detail
  • Use cross-channel marketing campaigns
  • Contact with bloggers and other reference customer / power users
  • Define your reason why in advert campaigns:
    (graphics, logo, banner, keywords, text, app name)
  • Be sure about UX / UI 
  • Analyze in app customer path with A/B testing tools (tools like tapreason etc.)
  • Remind your customers : "suggest app via social media tools", "please rate us"
  • Always analyze your competitors reviews
  • Website & Seo : Make sure that your website gives right experience ( )
  • Search for other marketers insights, writings and case studies (e.g. )

For more info you can ask anything, i would love to help.


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