Cut These from Digital Marketing Plan

  1. Cut the on-page seo fixation
    • Keywords, Links, User Experience, Conversations.
  2. Cut the blast of blog content
    • Test the frequency of your blog publishing volume and uncover the volume you need to hold to maintain the customer acquisition you need from that channel.
  3. Cut that go-to marketing offer
    • Creating a new offer that'll capture people's attention. Look at historical data to see what topic has performed best for you, and find a way to make it 10 times better.
  4. Cut those microsites
    • Attacting organic inbound links. Work on creating content and marketing people love. Do that, and you'll see the right kind of linking -- the inbound kind.
  5. Cut over-reporting
    • The metrics you need to succeed. Analyze where your business has performed well, and where it has potential. Start focusing on these areas.
  6. Cut all those press releases
    • Writing other types of content -- like blog posts, for instance -- that attract qualified readers and quality links.
  7. Cut untargeted ppc spend
    • Targeting your ppc campaigns to people you want to reach. Even if that overall volume is lower, the conversion will be higher.
  8. Cut that mobile app. progress
    • Optimizing your entire web presence for mobile. The negative impact from having an unfriendly mobile presence will be far greater than the success of a mobile app.
  9. Cut that website redesign
    • A/B testing various components of your website to discover what smaller changes you can make to have a large impact on conversion.
  10. Cut unused social networks
    • Optimizing the social media channels that are driving success for your business. It's okay to admit that a particular network doesn't work for you.


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