Required capabilities of the entrepreneurial team

  • Has talent, knowledge and experience within the industry where the opportunity occurs
  • Seeks important opportunities with sizable challenges and valuable potential returns.
  • Able to select an opportunity in a short period: timely
  • Creatively explores a process that results in the concept of a valuable solution for the problem or need.
  • Able to convert an opportunity in to a workable and marketable enterprise.
  • Whants to succeed: achievement*oriented.
  • Able to accomodate uncertainity and ambiguity.
  • Flexibly adapts to changing circumstances and competitors.
  • Seeks to evaluate and mitigate the risks of the venture.
  • Creates a vision of the venture to communicate the opportunity of staff and allies.
  • Attracts, trains, and retains talented, educated people capable of multidisciplinary insights.
  • Skilled at selling ideas and have a wide network of potential partners.
source: technology ventures from idea to enterprise


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