Key Characteristics of Charismatic Leader: Nelson Mandela, Invictus Movie Scene

 Model Leader Behavior: Invictus film scene

Nelson Mandela invites the rugby team captain Mr. François Pinard. At 0.14, Mr. Mandela thanks captain for his visit and then firstly, he asked the captains ankle injury. Although they never met before, Mandela gives close attention to his guest. Then, at 0.46 Mandela’s maid entered the room for tea servce. As you see, Mandela gives great interest all the persons around him. He introduced Mrs. Britz to Mr. Pinard, then gives thank for the service. We can give these as examples of key characteristics of charismatic leader: the sensivity to follower needs.

Then, Mandela changes the subject, he was trying to create link with Mr. Pinard. While he poured teas, he said that, the English culture bringt South-Africa many beautiful things such as rugby, but the tea is the best thing that they bringt from the culture. I think this shows the characteristics of unconventional behavior and vision artuculation.

Moreover, at 1.42 he started the conversation with the captains job. Because, he already had the information about the captain’s character (you can see if you watch the full film; before the captain visited Mandela, Mandela has searched his guest.), so he knew that the captain is devoting his work. At that pace, Mandela created a link with his sympathic complimant. “At least, no one’s trying to cut my head off while working”. After this, Mandela opened the topic by asking about the captain’s leadership philosophy. Mr. Pinard uttered his philosophy. Mandela strongly agrees the philosophy: “–That’s true, (the second one is for reinforcing the philosophy and encouraging the captain) –That’s absolutely true.” Therefore, Mandela continues on the topic by asking Mr. Pinard’s thoughts about motivating team and reaching over the limit. After Mr. Pinard’s ideas about the subject, Mandela explained his ideas by giving example of his past experiance. Then, Mandela changed his sitting position which is known as the position of meeting the middle way by getting closer to his guest. Mandela uttered his main problem that he wanted to tell the captain. After a while the conversation ends.


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