A New Way to Think About Local: Last Mile Advertising

We see three segments that make up the Last Mile Advertising universe: Seek, Discover and Consider. Let’s define each of these segments in greater detail:

Seek: In the Seek segment, consumers are ready-to-buy, but are actively looking for a specific business that can sell them the product and service they want to purchase. In most cases, their queries are tied to a geographic location.
Local advertisers leverage a variety of platforms and methods to more effectively reach consumers engaged in this segment, including print and online directories, mobile apps, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), and listings management services. The integration of functionality tools such as click-to-call, click for map and online reservations and appointment bookings services are driving consumer actions within this segment.

Discover: In this segment, consumers are informed about a business and its products or services that they didn’t necessarily know was available and/or didn’t plan on purchasing. Consumers are attracted to this segment via digital and mobile ad networks, location-based apps and services, daily deals offerings, email and SMS marketing, digital and print coupons, signage and other awareness-building advertising. One-of-a-kind deals and offers that eventually lead to purchases are driving actions in this segment.

Consider: In this segment, consumers are considering a purchase, but want more information on the business, product or service they’ve identified. Consumers engage in this segment by browsing business websites, social media pages, online reviews, and videos. Advertisers manage their presence and generate leads by activating comprehensive reputation management strategies and content marketing that works hard to convince potential customers to move forward with a purchase.

Consumers navigate these segments in different ways depending on their specific circumstances. For example, a consumer may simply look for a local business via an online directory and call to make a purchase – staying fully within the Seek segment. In another situation, that same consumer may receive a daily deal, visit the business’ website, and then search for a competitor – navigating all three segments – before moving forward with a purchase. Because of the diversity of Last Mile Advertising, local advertisers need to be engaged in unprecedented ways across multiple platforms and channels.


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