2014 predictions on top local marketing business owners

LocalSEOGuide – Andrew Shotland
-          Apple tatil satışlarıyla beraber yaklaşık %50 lokal aramaların Apple Maps default mapping üzerinden kullanılmaya başlandı.
-          SMB dijital ihtiyaçlarının tavan yapmasıyla beraber bu konuda yeni start uplarla hızlı scaling sağlanacağını düşünüyor
-          Everybody & his brother will start (re)selling local business data management
-          Local gaming will become a real thing
-          Foursquare will launch a set of features to accelerates its growth
-          Google %60 arama querylerinin local istek üzerinden geldiğini bildirdi
Locu – Rene Reinsberg CEO
-          SMBs innovation needs in software & distribution
-          We will see the beginning of a new wave of products on mobile first or even mobile-only. it will help better manage their business & connect with customers, creating new online marketing spend.
 Telmetrics – Bill Dinan CEO
-          Performance metrics such as calls, map views & reservations will move ahead of engagement on marketers priority ROI request list.
-          Advertisers want to make optimization decisions based on actionable intelligence and that requires agencies and local search providers going beyond engagement & clicks to deliver performance metrics that indicate lead Quality & Conversion
Speakeasy – Mike Orren CEO
-          Sustainablity
-          Loyalty
-          Concent marketing: the need for quality brand content will only grow
-          Headsmack: How Apple or Amazon have not translated their massive databases of single click credit-card buyers into a business around JIT local deals
o   It may not happen in 2014 but it will happen somehow. When it does, the local commerce game will change significantly
J.Accelerator – Lisa Skube director
-          Beyond startups and cool apps, I predict 2014 will see a significant emphasis on behavioral economics.
o   CRM becomes as important as CMS
Signpost – Stuart Wall Ceo
-          Local businesses will increasingly focus on managing their existing customer base
-          Cloud-based tools provide more insights into customers
-          Businesses will be able to personalize their marketing and focus on developing long-term customer relationships
-          Automation of marketing activities simplifies building customer relationships, enabling the shift from an emphasis on new customers to existing ones.
Radius Intelligence – Darren Waddell VP marketing
-          Companies with large sales organizations will reinvent their sales approaches to better target campaigns with new SMB data sources.
-          Local businesses will continue to adopt social as their key outreach mechanism with an increased focus on getting loyal customers to interact & share their experiences.
-          Undifferentiated directory sites will continue to decline in popularity due to new Google algorithm changes. To the point where the big consumer sites like Yelp will have even more influence on shopping behavior.
-          Local business data providers will continue to commoditize their information
Closely – Perry Evans Ceo
-          The tools for content and social media will become front-ends for purchasing media.
-          Every social channel is moving in the direction of “promoted posts” (4sq,fbook,tw,googl+)
-          These signals a tectonic shift in how media spend shifts into everyday digital marketing & it demands a rethink on how we engage & interact with the SMB.
-          A mobile first mindset & deeper focus on SMB experience will become mission critical.
Pricing Engine – Jeremy Kagan Ceo
-          Native advertising will become saturated
-          İnfomercials of the internet will be seen more as crass & commercial as the novelty wears off.
-          Push Not. For offers and deals will blow up as 4square and so on …
UPlanMe – Sean Barkulis Ceo
-          Following in the footsteps of GoDaddy’s recent acquisition of Locu & ConstantContact’s acquisition of SinglePlatform,
o   Large scale tech companies that service small businesses will continue to acquire and rollup niche hyperlocal and online marketing Technologies to provide a one-stop solution to service small businesses online marketing needs.
Datasphere – Gary Cowan, SVP marketing
-          Hyperlocal activity in general will move closer to the transaction
o   Many companies that are involved in adjacent spaces (e.g.:Retailmenot)
o   Or that have only tackled a narrow part of the hyperlocal opportunity (e.g.:Groupon),
will begin to focus their efforts more broadly on this space. This will mean greater investment, more visibility and improved opportunities for interactions between local businesses and consumers.
Placed – David Shim, Ceo
-          Indoor Beacons Run into the same roadblocks as NFC, QR Codes
o   Education, implementation, maintenance & consumer adoption will be challenges of these services growth… hampering adoption in 2014.
-          As dollars continue to shift into mobile in 2014, advertisers and agencies will require independent 3rd party attribution for mobile advetising.
o   This shift will eliminate an inherent conflict of interest, where the media seller, also determines if a campaign was or was not successful.
Thinkneaer – Eli Portnoy, GM
-          2013 was the year that mobile stopped being about experimentation and started being about results. Huge investments in mobile from majör brands on both the barnd and Publisher sides showed that mobile was worth more attention.
-          Integration location into core marketing strategy
-          Location goes programmatic (IFthenDOthat)
Search Influence – Kelly Benish, VP sales & mkt
-          Many publishers will try to build their own digital agencies and many will experience costly fails
-          The shift is here and relevancy will need to be had in 2014
o   For SEO, its going to be all about the ability to produce relevant and high quality content at scale.
o   For social it’s going to be all about engaging content at scale and fan-building ads
o   For paid search, the focus is going to be around tracking the path to conversion not just about clicks or views.


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