The database of affinity: benzeşen dataların yorumlanması

Meaning: a catalogue of people's tastes & preferences collected by observing their social behaviors on facebook & twitter.
- Facebook & Twitter are able to harness effectively for brand advertising outputs

In order to exploiting the database of affinity, marketers need three things:

     1.   Lots of affinity data from lots of sources:
Facebook: "Like" data (80 billion/month)
Twitter: "Talking" data (1,5 billion/month)
Amazon: "Reviews" data (6 million/month)
Youtube: "Time spending" data (how people are likely spending their time)

    2.   Ability to bring meaning to datas:

- Simple meaning layer: e.g. "Like" snowboarding => tend to buy energy drink : show related ad

- Brand ad units to get the best value from that data: 
                           - Real time feed-back
                           - Analysis of data

    3.   Brand ad units to get the best value from the data:

- Use rich & integrated media channels
- Focus on content creation


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