Interview with "James Smith" VP of online and emerging platfom advertising sales, Disney Interactive Media Group

eMarketer: What kind of experimentation are you doing with mobile advertising formats?

Smith: We’re definitely looking into the location-based opportunities for developing ad solutions—everything from geofencing to location-based social media and mobile couponing. We’ll look to innovate in those areas in the next 18 to 24 months. We’re exploring all the options.

eMarketer: What’s your outlook for mobile advertising in general and rich media in particular?

Smith: Deep integrations into games will drive most of our mobile business next year, followed by basic reach or network media buys. These media buys will be driven by rich media, and our rich media outlook is very strong because it satisfies the gap a lot of advertisers currently have. Because many still don’t have optimized mobile destinations to take people to, rich media ad solutions offer them the ability to fill that void while they get up to speed on what they want their mobile offering to be.

We’re seeing mobile video being bought in digital upfronts because it is, more or less, on the same platform and within the same buying community. It’s easier for an online video buyer to buy both online video and mobile video because it’s all digital.



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