Holywood is affecting the world

1. The Holywood films are spreading around the world. They are generally the most watching films. So, most of the spectators are affecting the scenes, story, cloths, styles, etc... Thus, the people generally; the younger generation are imitating the lifestyle, gestures, and so on. Likelyhood, they tend to collect information at any of the films ,then they are acting accordingly at their social life. That can be a simple humor, or more serious one; can be about one of the culture. For instance, think about one of foreing famous film have some scenes at İstanbul, and the movie had shown lots of women which have been weared turkish turban. Moreover, the scenes had shown bad attitudes and desperate vision of turkish women. Likelyhood, many people thought that, the whole turkish women are behaving in same way, and the turks have some dogmatic thoughts, unless the people who knows turkish people or who have some turkish friends. For that reason, the films especially, Holywood producements should not record without thinking the cultures, values and the bad cognition of these. Because, the films can result in serious harm to cultures identity.

2. The Holywood is the biggest film association around the globe. Moreover, the most important point that, why people around the world are watching Holywood films is the collectivity. For instance, there are two big companies which are leading the American film industry. Also, many stars are coming from different countries and cultures. I think, this characterize the Holywood as the global sector. Furthermore, the Holywood films have been made the most important; unique films in the history of sector. Finally, we can also definately add the big budget availability of films as another reason to why people are watching the Holywood films. To sum up, the up-limit of the film sector is at U.S. as the company rosters, variety of actors and actresses, history of the industry and the economical availability. So, people like to watch big projects, globally famous stars, the great movies which are claimed as the exceptionals as critisizers. Also, i think, advertising campaings is the center of this and probably the most important invisable part of the Holywood cognition.

3. I think the films have another role to give the corrections to the spectatiors. Because, the have the manufacturer role and as of this role they must give the most correct information which is surpassing in the movies. So, the producers have to take closer eye to protect individual's, group of peoples', or nation's values by adding an attention inscription at the start. Exempli gratia: "the scenes are totally created by the imaginative basis and the characters are not real ..." Or "in history there was a same event, we took the basic thoughts to the concept of the story and we generated the event in a different vision which is created by our imaginative team..."

4. I think, subsidies is good to support countries domestic industry, but that have to be a limit. Because, the subsidies is an obstacle for the foreign companies, thus limiting the competitiveness is harming your global quality of the domestic sector. The competitiveness is helping the sector to accomodate new ideas, and incremental actions. To summarize, if there is an unbalanced competitiveness, balance it. Secondly, the quotas at the film sector is not a good idea. Because, the communication (web-based) is a way ahead from these legal; govenmental obstacles. Many people can reach the films which are banned or is not in domestic market. People whenever they want, can find a hive to reach the information, so you cannot stop it by these ancient bureacratic methods. (i mean without adding into account the psychology and human behavior etc..)  


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