I think, the intense competitiveness, and new marketing opportunities are making companies greedy that, they are always in an agressive stance to catch up new opportunities to increase profitability.
 Globalization has good parts after all but, as i mentioned, it is generated in a manner of economical extend. Due to the globalization's fundemental, many undevelopped, and developping companies are trying to wrestle against gaint firms. That's because, many firms at undevelopped and developping countries are imitating, copying, employing childs,... adding extra working hours or exporting the products in unauthorized way. Hence, the globalization has detrimental impact on the countries which are not ready as technology, economy, human resource. That is damaging the world economy, human rights and environment.
 On the other hand, i think, it is essential to point out that, the digital age which  spreaded after the globalization surpassed the boundaries of nations, and that evaluated the perception of humanity, and also we can add as a great approach, the chance to obtain unlimited informational resources to improve ourselves.


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