Decision Making Process & Key Quality Decisions

Five critical questions about decisions:

1. What is the time pressure?

2. What effect will the decision have on the goals and objectives of the organization?

3. How many people will be affected?

4. How much money is involved relative to the size of the organization?

5. What is the relative frequency of this type of decision?

Some mistakes about decision making:

1. Immersion

2. Structure blindness

3. Lack of perspective

4. Overreliance on your judgements

5. Imprudent shortcuts

6. Lack of organized procedures

7. Group process defficiency

8. Fooling yourself about feed back

9. Insufficient analysis

10. Neglecting to validate the decision process

Key Elements in decision making process:

1. Recognizing the problem and forming

2. Defining the problem and marshalling data

3. Timing and the changing situation

4. Assuming too much

5. Choosing alternatives

6. Keeping the decision flexible

7. Displayin guts

8. Adapting the best alternative

9. Implementing the decision

10. Evaluating prior decisions

** Managers must take into account all alternatives in rational systematic manner. Then, evaluate the decision. After it, managers must focus on the process of decision.


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