1. Acquire knowledge
  2. Develop concepts
  3. Understand techniques
  4. Acquire skill in the use of a technique, concept, or knowledege
  5. Acquire skill in analysis of complex and unstructured problems
  6. Acquire skill in synthesis of plans for action and implementation
  7. Grow in ability to listen
  8. Grow in ability to form trustworthy relationships
  9. Develop certain attitudes.
    1. Responsibility – for own decisions, for outcomes
    2. Skepticism
    3. Criticism – of self, of status-quo
    4. Confidence – “can do”
  10. Develop ability to communicate – briefly, effectively, persuasively
  11. Develop certain qualities of mind
    1. Distinguishing between hope, beliefs, inferences, facts
    2. Clarity of objectives and purposes
    3. Analysis
    4. Self-starting -  initiative
    5. A set of standards – moral, business, institutiona
  12. Develop judgement and wisdom
    1. To foresee implications, outcomes
    2. To place situations in a long-range, broad perspective
    3. To generalize – accurately from specific at the level of detail, to perceive trends and develop useful concepts


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