Improved Presentation Techniques

How do you perform better presentation? You can find general stuffs about performing better presentation.

1-Humans remember better when the given information is presented as a combination of visual and verbal elements.

2-Humans remember better if the information is horizontally placed.

3-Humans remember better if the information is colored at defining its subinformation.

4-Humans have hierarchical comprehension and memory tasks. Audience need to be differentiate structure. (comprending the info. + deciding about importance of info.)

5-Humans are drawed attention by videos, graphs (visual objects)and also by sound. We can use these on our presentations to improve the motivation on the presentation.

6-The person who is presents should be warm, gentle and good natured humor. This will lead to increase the interest on topic.

7-Body language is most important thing for communicating. We define our thoughts 45 percent with body language, 38 percent with voice tone, 17 percent with the meaning of sentence.

8-Making eye contact with audience keeps up your presentation's motivation.

9-Make 1 point in each slide

10-Turn sentences into word chunks. Try to turn the information into charts and visual graphics.

11-Using different kinds of methods to give information (technological tools, graphs, videos, actual examples about the topic...)

12-Make it interactive

13-Planning (as everything)


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