An Economical Inquiry

Citizens are the milestone of the society. Hegel and Marks differently attributes the society and civilization. Hegels stated that only with the development of state economy the society can build a new forms of life standards, thus, this will results a chain process of development. The science is the keystone of the economy and everytime, it requires bigger and better economical state to be enhanced. So, the economical power must be focused on some purposes, thus gives us capitalism term, which is contradicted materialistic equality and communism perception. Therefore, the post-communist societies are strickted into their borders. In my opinion although, the capitalism gives the societies widelyspread economical advantages and opportunities to enhance their lives, many developed economies are dealing with severe problems about the infrastructure of finance. However, this isn't mean that, the post-communist economies have glittering A+'s in their courses, but some post-communist economies lately understanded that the world's trends are impacting their society and there is no way to out of bounds. So, they opened into world economy and they differentiate themselves into some how (Porter's strategical terms) and regulated the foreign investments to protect their baby-economies. This is called Beijing Consensus and China is not the only country that using it. There are some emerging economies that are taking some precautions to protect against the foreign impacts. We can easily predict that with the emerging
economies the world is going to change again. If you have a chance to visit Europe, you can easly syntasize this due to Indian, Chineese, and Japaneese migration. The demography is changed, and this gives a chance to the emerging economies to compete and enhance their industries. In this month, Muhammed Yunus and an other economist talked about the worlds economy and they both like-minded about the micro credits to poor people (the bottom of the pyramids) will enhance the world economy and therefore, the global social prosperity. I hope that can be done, but although i agree with the idea,i'm looking this timidly due to the sustainability problem (scarcity of resources).


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