Features That Differentiate AXS Ticketing From Other Ticketing Systems

What features differentiate AXS Ticketing from other ticketing platforms?

o AXS Ticketing is innovative and new features will continue to be rolled out in 2013. Below are a few of the features that are currently in place and will be offered to fans purchasing tickets for events at Target Center:

o AXS Waiting Room:
the waiting room, where they will be able to view event details, pricing and ticket information. Customers also will have the opportunity to enter their billing information to save time once the on-sale goes live, as well as view available seats.

o My AXS:
A user can create his or her own accounts or they can use AXSInvite,receive
notifications of upcoming shows (based on specified interests & location), and save billing/shipping information to make purchasing tickets faster & easier. Accounts can be created through Facebook or email.

o AXS Invite:
 AXSInvite was created with social,fun loving people in mind. AXSInvite allows users to invite their friends to join them at an event without the risk of having to pay up front. Once a user has purchased tickets, they’ll be able to reserve the adjacent seats (or reserve GA tickets if the event has no assigned seating) and invite friends to purchase them using their own method of payment via Facebook or email by using AXS Ticketing’s Social Reservation Manager, conveniently located in the AXS Invite tab in a user’s MyAXS account. There is a limited time window on how long tickets can be held for friends to purchase from the seats reserved. The 48 hour window opens when the user completes the initial ticket purchase. If the window expires and there are still seats that have not been purchased, they are released to the public. Only the agreed-upon maximum number of tickets per purchase can be reserved/purchased with AXS Invite (Example: there is a purchase limit of 8 tickets for the show. A user could purchase 2 personally and reserve a maximum of 6 seats around them). AXSInvite will not be immediately active for on-sales.Instead,the feature will become active after the initial on-sale rush, if there is inventory is available. This will be turned on manually by AXSTicketing,on-sale traffic is watched AXSInvite will be turned off 96 hours before doors to any event

o AXS Premium:
Allows customers to purchase premium ticketing packages 

o AXS Facebook:
 Instantly win event tickets by participating in promotions and sweepstakes.

In the near future – the below are a few features that AXS will roll out later in 2013:
o Mobile ticketing
o Mobile alerts & engagement before, during, and after events 

About Invite Ticketing:


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