5 analytics platforms for retailers in local mobile business

82% of smartphone users relying on mbile devices to help guide their in-store purchasing decisions.(insightexpress, 20120)
·         allowing retailers to analyze
o   the influence that check-ins,
o   mobile apps usage,
o   foot traffic patterns have on ther bottom line.
Here are five platforms that give businesses ways to use online data for beter consumer targetting.
1.       Euclid: Gather insight into shopper behavior.
The analytics company places small sensors in its clients’ stores that are used to pull all sorts of data from shopper’s Wi-Fi-enabled phones.
Metrics List
·         Capture Rate: percentage of people seen outside that come into your store.
·         Repeat Visitor Ratio: Percentage of visitors that have come in before.
·         Outside Traffic: No of people seen in and around your store.
·         Walkbys: No of people who walk by your store without coming in.
·         Engagement and Bounce Rates: Track how many visitors stay for a period of time that you specify.
·         Visit Recency: No of days since a visitor was last seen
·         Visit Frequency: Avg. No. Of times a person visits your store in a 30-day window.
·         Visit Duration: Amount of time visitors spend inside your store.
·         Visits: No of people seen inside your store.

2.       Placed: gathers location data from mobile devices and layers it with various types of metadata, like venue names or business categories
Sunduğu Data mantığı: A clothing store that finds out that the majority of those visiting its site were at nearby fitness studios, for example, could use that info to create a targeted marketing campaing.

*Müşterim nerelerde geziyor, benden öncesi ve sonrasında nerelerde iktisadi davranışını sergiliyor.

3.       MomentFeed: Measure the influence of check-ins. (BOOM SONAR GİBİ)
To determine whether their online marketing efforts on social Networks (FB, 4SQ, TW, INSTA) are leading to offline sales by:
-          Tracking check-in behavior and turns that info into data that can be used to gauge
o   customer demographics,
o   visit frequency,
o   campaign performance

4.       Geotoko: a location-based marketing and analytics platform made for businesses and brands to run real-time location-based promotions.   (site’de tour videosu var)
step1: promosyon oluşturma
Step2: ilgili lokasyonu girme ve promosyonu kaydetme
Step3: prize details
Step4: choose the platforms: face, twitter, foursquare vb…
And publish…
Analytic reports…

5.       Swipely: how it Works videosu var.
Merchants can determine which days and times are the slowest and whether external factyors (such as weather) have an impact on in-store sales.
-Payments: Accpet every card to unlock powerful customer data.
-Analytics: Understand customers- when they visit and what they spend… (
o   retention,
o    sales,
o   customer leaderboards..)
-Marketing: Engage customers- bring them back again and again… (
o   targeted email campaigns,
o   customer management tools,
o   branded mobile web app…)
-Loyalty: Retain customers- automatic loyalty rewards to their credit and debit cards (
o   fast Text message signup,
o   no punchcards or apps to manage,
o    rewards tailored for your business


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