ERP is a key ingrediant for gaining competitive advantage, streamlining the supply chain contributing the lean manufacturing and managing customer relationships. (Big-five in the ERP service sector: SAP-AG, BAAN, PeopleSoft, Oracle, J.D. Edwards)
-Simplifying and standardizing the IT are the main strategies of ERP.

-Aims to reduce costs of IT operations and number of employees needed for IS,
-Lower inventories, shorter deliveries, shorter financial close cycles... streamlines the process. It's a digital nerve system of company.
-It's too expensive and it has not provide the return of the investment. (it has not only implementation cost, also it has operating and maintenance cost.)

*Software's Functionalities
-Demand Planning
-Inventory Management
-Business to Business
-Integrated Suite Systems
-Order Tracking
-Factory Planning and Scheduling
-On Line Collaboration
-Warehouse Mngmnt
-Data Mining Systems

*Your Company needs to provide persistency, and the market necessarly has a
promising demand. So on, the ERP systems will provide timeliness and flexibility
and therefore, the company'll increase its effectiveness(=competitiveness). The
ERP systems are necessary tools in the global intense market.


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